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Company profile

NK SECURITY Company was founded in 1993 in Nuremberg, Germany. NK SECURITY is member of KIRMIZAS GROUP of companies which was founded in 1974. The company was firstly established in order to cover the needs for safety of the group itself. Eight years afterwards, NK SECURITY constitutes a self-reliant company, with field of action the entire Europe. Our initial purpose - high standards of safety and most excellent quality - has been maintained until today and is improved continuously, following up the rapid growth of technology.. Proof of this is, that we collaborated with suppliers from Germany, England, America and Greece.

The company stands in Greece with independent form as "NK SECURITY Hellas ltd." in our privately-owned building in N. Psychico, Athens with completely educated technicians, specialized in applications of high level protection. However we are continuously under the strict monitoring of maternal NK SECURITY Deutschland, so that the level of our services remains always high.


Our standards of installations are in complete harmony with the German specifications of VdS (Verband deutscher Sachversicherer), while the systems fill the specifications of Germany (TÜV), USA (U. L. Underwriter Laboratories) and Europe (CE). Our staff attends continuously seminars in order to correspond immediately in the continuously increasing requirements of market.